About 4-H

From the Americas to Europe to Africa to Asia, 4-H builds youth leaders and provides a sense of belonging. As one of the largest youth organizations in the world, 4-H is investing in young people today to grow a brighter future.

4-H offers practical skill-building activities, meaningful leadership roles, and partnerships with caring adult volunteers. These three elements create a unique experience that equips young people for success in the future.


The 4-H Youth Solution

  1. To rebrand agriculture as a career and business of choice which provides young people with opportunities to have an impact on issues such as food insecurity, unhealthy lifestyles, climate change, displacement, poverty, and more;
  2. To Provide opportunities for young Kenyans to become agro-food champions and agribusiness leaders from an early age;
  3. To strengthen community-led school feeding programmes to become sustainable and to provide a platform for agribusiness learning;
  4. To forge opportunities for young people to build meaningful connections and
  5. To Strengthen the skills-based learning approach to education by providing quality curriculum and teaching tools.

Entreprise Gardens

4-H is preparing today’s youth to address the challenges of an increasingly complex world and to create long-term solutions to food insecurity, particularly in Africa. Our programmes develop young agricultural leaders by equipping youth ages 6 to 30 with the knowledge, resources, and access to markets needed to produce and distribute food to feed the world.

The 4-H Enterprise Garden model provides a successful framework for helping young people to understand agricultural value chains and food systems and to identify gaps and opportunities for policy action and agribusiness. In Kenya, they are providing young people with knowledge and tangible skills — helping to fuel transformational change in eight counties.