4-H Youth Solution

The 4-H Youth Solution

The 4-H club experience has at its core positive youth development experiential learning opportunities, that assist young people in becoming competent, caring, contributing, confident, connected, and capable global citizens.

The 4-H Youth solution seeks to:

  1. Rebrand agriculture as a career and business of choice which provides young people with opportunities to have impact on issues such as food insecurity, unhealthy lifestyles, climate change, displacement, poverty, and more;
  2. Provide opportunities for young Kenyans to become agro-food champions and agribusiness leaders from an early age;
  3. Strengthen community-led school feeding programmes to become sustainable and to provide a platform for agribusiness learning;
  4. Forge opportunities for young people to build meaningful connections;
  5. Strengthen the skills-based learning approach to education by providing quality curriculum and teaching tools;