Goal and Objectives

Goal: Agrikua’s goal is to address the current global gender inequality gap in the agricultural value chain by empowering young women to become agripreneurs, leaders and role models so they can uplift local communities and improve food and nutritional security.

1. To identify a value-chain to be targetted for the inaugral Agrikua program and conduct an information needs to understand the gap to be addressed.
2. To develop an online Agrikua platform with specific demand oriented educational materials for young women by working with relevant stakeholders both locally and globally.
3. Identify and train 20 Youth Agrikua ambassadors from a Kenyan university on the agrikua platform and providing opportunities for them to mentor and support local farmers and agripreneurs in sustainable agricultural practices by taking advantage of the Agrikua platform.
4. To conduct ongoing workshops at higher institutions in Kenya to create awareness and encourage more young women to study and work in the agricultural field.