The Enterprise Garden Model

How 4-H Enterprise Gardens Work

4-H consults the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme office to identify the priority value chains in each county. 4-H Club advisers are trained on Positive Youth Development, Observatory Science, and basic agricultural skills in the identified value chains. The club advisers, mostly teachers, then set up a 4-H club and recruit student members.  The students will go through an orientation of the 4-H movement and then agricultural sector in their respective counties after which they make a pledge to become solution-providing citizens. The students plan, plant, breed and manage a food-producing garden, gaining practical, hands-on experience and providing income and food for their clubs and schools. 4-H members also develop a business plan to market their produce.

By strengthening their agricultural and entrepreneurial skills, 4-H Enterprise Gardens prepares young people as agri-business leaders, food security champions and natural resource managers in their communities.

How You Can Help

You can amplify the success of 4-H  Enterprise Gardens by helping 4-H bring the model to all 47 counties in Kenya. 4-H offers several ways to support the global expansion of this life-changing enterprise.

  1. Sponsor 4-H Enterprise Gardens: Grants can help start and sustain gardens in schools and communities all over the country.
  2. Offer 4-H Enterprise Garden scholarships, fellowships and internships: These opportunities inspire high school and college-age youth to lead 4-H Enterprise Garden clubs.
  3. Become a mentor or volunteer: Employees can provide vital skills and guidance to youth in 4-H Enterprise Gardens in their communities.
  4. Share skills, technology and resources: Expertise and technology can help 4-H develop customized teaching tools and connect youth from 4-H Enterprise Garden clubs around the world.
  5. Sponsor 4-H Summits. Partner with us to host County and National conferences that provide an opportunity to students and teachers to learn and share experiences or sponsor Scholarships for exemplary 4-H Members and volunteers to attend the Global 4-H Summit in Tanzania in 2020.